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Summer Sale! Use Code: "SAVE50" To Receive An Extra 50$ OFF

ComfortBilt HP61 Pellet Stove with Remote and Thermostat

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SKU HP61-Charcoal
Color: Charcoal

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The ComfortBilt HP61 Pellet Stove is our best-value high-output pellet stove. It takes the performance and efficiency of our popular HP22 pellet stove and packages it in a more traditional looking cabinet, perfect for basement applications. With engineering and manufacturing quality you can see and feel, the HP61 gives homeowners all the heat they need at a price they can afford. The ComfortBilt HP61 and Pellet Stove features:

  • Certified 50,000 BTU output will heat a 3,000 ft² or more if temperatures are mild

  • EPA and CSA Certified to comply with all federal emissions mandates

  • Heat exchanger design and powerful room blower produce maximum heat from pellets

  • Easy to clean heavy gauge exterior

  • 51 pound hopper capacity; ashes fall automatically into a large removable ash pan

  • Pellets burn so completely that the ash drawer only needs emptying every two weeks

  • Five power settings allow up to 19 hours of continuous burning on lowest setting

  • Programmable thermostat allows constant temperature and economical pellet use

  • Rear mounted 3” standard  exhaust port, and 2” standard air intake 

  • Exterior dimensions of unit are 24” wide, 30” deep, and 35” high with mounted controller

The HP61 Pellet Stove comes with a one-year limited warranty on parts and service.

Q: Where are ComfortBilt Pellet stoves made?

A: The final assembly of our stoves are done in Ningbo,China (just like Apple does with the iPhone) with parts from Germany, France, Canada and the USA. When we receive the stoves our inspection team completes a 24 point inspection to ensure the motors, switches, ignition and air flow performance meets our requirements. That is why our stoves consistently receive 5 Star reviews for performance and customer service on many platforms.

Q: What stove should I get? What stove is right for me?

A: Many factors other than square footage can influence how much heat your space may need, such as insulation ratings, ceiling height/volume, layout, and climate for your area. In our experience it is usually advisable to get a larger stove operating on a lower setting, that way it has the capacity to increase should you need it. Check out our product videos for product comparisons:

Q: What does SS mean? Is there a difference?

A: The SS descriptor just signifies that the stove has a stainless steel trimming around the window glass. There are no operational differences between the SS and standard models other than aesthetics. The steel trim has a brushed texture and is more muted than chrome or polished metals. Currently only available for the HP22 and HP21 series.

Q: What colors are available?

A: The HP22 comes in Charcoal, Burgundy, Bronze, Green, and Apricot.

The HP22N comes in Charcoal, Burgundy, Bronze and Apricot.

The HP50 comes in Charcoal, Burgundy, Green, and Apricot.

The HP61 comes in Charcoal and Bronze.

The HP21, HP22i, HP54, and HP55 are only available in Charcoal.

Q: How loud are these stoves?

A: With an adjustable room blower/distribution fan, they can be very quiet on lower levels. Many of our customers say it is one of the quietest pellet stoves they have experienced.

Q: What is the projected operating cost of your pellet stoves?

A: Most stoves, at default settings, will consume between 2-3 lbs of pellets per hour of operation. Electricity consumption: 520W during the ignition phase (about 8-10 mins) and then falls to 150W of power during regular operation.

Q: How many pellets will the stove use?

A: Most of the stoves will consume about 2-3 lbs per hour of operation on average. External factors such as the size and insulation of the space, and the outside temperature can significantly affect this.

Q: Do I need to install a fresh air intake (outside air kit or cold air return)?

A: A majority of installs are done without the outside air kit. If you are installing in a mobile home, or in a garage/basement/shop setting, or if the stove is being installed at or above 5,000 ft. in elevation, then outside air is recommended/required. If installed on the main level of a traditional, stick-built home at lower elevations, the stove will typically meet its oxygen demands by drawing in air from the interior. (more information can be found in the operator’s manual:

Q: Can I hook up a remote thermostat to control the stove?

A: Our stoves have a built in temperature sensor that can read the temperature of the room. While in the “Temperature” mode, the stove will automatically adjust the level of the stove to satisfy your desired temperature. Currently there is not a way to adapt to an external thermostat until our Wifi controllers are cleared by the EPA.

Q: Will the stove shut down when it reaches the desired temperature?

A: Most stoves are equipped with an ECO mode function that will allow it to fully shut down when the desired temperature is met. After cooling about 5° F, the stove will automatically reignite and bring the room back up to the desired temperature. For the stoves that do not have the ECO option, the stove will fall back to “pilot” mode, and continue operating on the lowest level.

Q: Do I need a hearth pad?

A: A hearth pad is not always necessary. As long as the stove sits on a noncombustible surface that meets the front and side clearances, this will satisfy the floor protection requirements. A hearth pad is an easy, convenient, and attractive way to satisfy floor protection requirements however.

Q: What are the dimensions of your hearth pads?

A: The dimensions of the corner hearth pads are 40” x 40”. The dimensions of the flat-wall hearth pads are 36” x 36”. All of our hearth pads will satisfy the floor protection requirements for any ComfortBilt pellet stove with the exception of the HP54 and the HPC75 on a corner pad. (Floor protection requirements can be found in the Operator’s Manual: Pg 9/10)

Q: What is the efficiency rating?

What are the dimensions?

Where are the exhaust and intake ports located?

A: All of the specifications can be found in the operator’s manual. (Specs are located on pg. 8-9)

Q: Do you sell Parts, Hearth Pads and Pipe Kits in Canada?

A: We are in the process of making all of our products available in Canada. Please check our Canadian website, or for the most up to date information.

Q: Can the stoves be ducted?

A: Our stoves have an active blower fan for heat convection. It is designed to draw the cooler, lower air through the stove’s heat exchange process and redistribute the hot air out of the front, near the top of the stove. Currently, there are no supported means for ducting.

Q: Can this replace a wood stove? Can I use my existing wood stove pipe?

A: Yes. Many customers have replaced their wood stove with a pellet stove. In order to reuse your existing stove pipe, you will most likely need a wood stove pipe reducer ( and then enough 3” pellet vent piping to connect it to the back of the stove. (Additional Clean-out Tee and/or elbows may be needed depending on your installation)

Q: What are the minimum installation clearances required?

A: Installation specifications and minimum clearances can be found in the installation/operator’s manual.

Q: Should I use a surge protector?

A: It is always recommended to use a surge suppressor/protector to help protect the computer electronics.

Q: What happens to my stove during a power outage?

A: In the event of a power outage, all of the powered components will cease operation. This will include the feed auger and fans. The fire will starve and eventually go out, but there may be some smoke that leaks into the room due to the exhaust fan being inactive.

Q: What kind of power/battery backup system is compatible?

A: Any inverter or UPS with a pure sine wave output will work, do not use a partial or modified sine wave output as this can damage the computer electronics within the stove. Minimum 1000W, but 1500W is preferable for the larger spike draw during ignition.

Q: How often should I clean my burn pot?

A: The burn pot should be cleaned every hopper load of pellets burned to start. Once you are more familiar with how your stove operates, you may adjust the frequency as needed.

Q: My house is too hot. Can I turn the stove down?

A: There are a few options if the stove is over producing heat. 1) You can turn the stove down. (Run it in level 1 in the manual mode, or reduce the desired temperature in temperature mode. 2) You can shut the stove down for a length of time to allow the space to cool. 3) If your software supports it, you can activate the ECO mode, which will allow the stove to automatically shut down when the desired temperature is reached.

Q: Can I fill the hopper without the stove shutting down?

A: The hopper has a safety switch tied to the lid opening that will shut the auger feed off when it detects the lid to be open. If refilling the hopper is done quickly, once the hopper lid shuts, normal operation should resume. Also, it is possible to fool the computer by holding down the safety lid switch. Doing so will allow the stove to continue feeding while you have the door open for pellet refill. (Please be mindful of the potential risks and keep hands and fingers clear of the auger below.)

Q: What is the glass airwash system?

A: The glass airwash system is a system that allows the stove to draw in clean room temperature air, to wash up the inside of the glass to help prevent excess soot buildup.

Q: What is the difference between hardwood and softwood pellets?

A: Pellets can differ greatly between qualities and brands, but typically a softwood pellet will burn a bit hotter and produce more ash, so more airflow may be needed. This may also mean that cleaning and maintenance are needed more often. A good quality pellet that has been stored in a cool, dry place is most important. The more information about the pellet that is posted on the bag typically means the manufacturer is proud of that pellet. (BTU output, fines/dust content, moisture content, ash content, etc…) Look for a pellet that has a low moisture and ash content, and a higher BTU output. Both hardwood and softwood pellets will work in a ComfortBilt stove.

Q: Will these stoves work outside?

A: ComfortBilt stoves are designed for internal operation. Most of the electronic components are not weatherproofed, and will fail more quickly if left in the elements, or exposed to excess moisture. But from an operational standpoint, running a pellet stove outside (or in an open air room/deck/porch) would be like running the heat in your car while having the windows down. Yes, you would feel the heat coming out of the vents, but it would quickly dissipate and be lost.

Q: Do you offer professional installation?

A: Unfortunately, we are unable to provide professional installations. We do, however, have a growing dealer network that may be able to suit your needs. Feel free to reach out to us for an updated list of Comfortbilt dealers in your area.

Q: What parts fail most frequently?

A: In our experience, igniters fail more often than most other parts due to the stresses of ignition put on them. Depending on your area’s climate and humidity, burn pots can sometimes develop cracks and may also need to be replaced every couple of years.

Q: What is the low heat alarm? How do I clear the fault?

A: When the low temp alarm occurs, it means that the computer has lost communication to the proof of fire switch (POF).

This usually happens because the fire got too small or went out to embers.

A handful of reasons can account for this happening, but the most common is some kind of feeder interruption.

To clear the fault code, press and hold the ENTER button (left arrow)


Watch our video on this subject here....

Q: Can I burn corn in my pellet stove?

A: No, you cannot burn corn in your pellet stove. The pellet stove was designed and tested for wood pellets only. Burning corn in your stove will void your warranty and may create a safety hazard or cause damage to your stove. You should only burn premium hard wood pellets in your pellet stove although soft and hardwood  both work fine.

LIMITED Time Free Shipping!

If we foresee potential delays beyond this shipping window, we will reach out to you directly to inform you. If for some reason you have not received your shipment within a reasonable timeframe or have not heard from us, feel free to reach out at

Q: How long does shipping take?

A: Shipping usually occurs by the very next day of purchase. Typical transit times are 4-10 business days in most cases. (weather and other factors can affect this) You should receive a call from the freight carrier approximately 24-48 hours ahead of time to coordinate the specific delivery date and time of your stove.

Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: No, we strictly ship to the contiguous 48 states within the U.S. only. For Alaska residents, we recommend purchasing through Home Depot. Visit our Canadian website at or to purchase our brand in Canada.

Q: How much does shipping cost?

A: We offer FREE standard shipping on all of our stoves purchased on our website.

Q: Where will the delivery driver place my pellet stove?

A: Pellet stoves are shipped via LTL truck with liftgate direct to your home. When placing orders please ensure a semi tractor trailer will be able to make it to the home. The drivers may be able to bring the stove over the threshold into the Home (with help), provided there are no steps, stairs, or steep inclines to the home. 

Note: During this covid crisis, the LTL carriers will not be able to deliver over the threshold. Once we are passed this crisis, we will resume over the threshold deliveries.

Q: What is the manufacturer warranty? What does it cover?

A: All ComfortBilt stoves come with a 1 year manufacturer warranty that will cover parts, labor, and shipping costs for any kind of failure within the stove. Issues caused by neglect, or a lack of general cleanings, or by the burning of unsupported fuels are not covered and may void warranty.

Q: What is the difference between the manufacturer warranty and the extended parts replacement warranty? 

A: The manufacturer warranty is a 1 year bumper to bumper warranty while the extended parts warranty covers all replacement and shipping for failed or compromised components.

Q: Does the warranty cover cracks in the burn pot? 

A: Yes, the manufacturer warranty and extended parts replacement warranty both cover damage to the burn pot from normal operational use.

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